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Welcome to IoT Cebu

News Posted by Kristoffer Amora

IoT Cebu is a grassroots community of tinkerers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, designers, startup founders, engineers, and professionals who love to think, play, work, and collaborate on the following areas:

  1. Smart and Connected Things
  2. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) systems and communications
  3. Single Board Computers
  4. Arduino
  5. Raspberry Pi
  6. Automation (Industrial, Smart Homes, Smart Factories, etc.)
  7. Embedded Systems (bare metal programming)
  8. Hardware/Firmware/Software Development and Integration
  9. Web Development (Front-end, back-end, server-side, etc.)
  10. Technopreneurship (Startups)
  11. Education and Awareness
  12. Social Impact through Technology

Flat over Hierarchy;

We prefer a flat organization where people involved gets to be heard and valued before decision takes place. We believe in self-organizing teams/individuals when running the org.


There is no end in learning. We encourage everyone to continue tinkering and to stay curious especially on how things work. Iterate, learn, play, make, repeat.


While we love DIY (Do it Yourself) when we work on something, we feel that it is more fullfilling to DiWO (Do it With Others).

Knowledge Sharing over Criticism;

Whether an individual is a student, an engineer, or a technician, there is no line separating them. We promote knowledge sharing with everybody. Showing up to give (not just to get) is the key.


We acknowledge that Education plays a huge role towards the advancement of society and the future of our generation. We support any education initiatives targeted to young learners (kids) up to the University level. We continue to teach and provide assistance in accordance to our capacity.

Community Building;

Building a community of engineers, students, tinkerers, inventors, professionals, and young learners where everyone is welcome to contribute is what drives us.

Bridge Businesses;

We foster technopreneurship among members and help them grow their businesses.

Make a dent;

We look forward to finding opportunities to build Technology for Good. We are more than happy to collaborate on projects that have impact to our environment and society.


Kristoffer Amora is an Electronics Enthusiast that tackles both Firmware and Hardware. He works at Fortify Technologies as his full-time job.